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To download our registration form in PDF format please click the button.  The form is also shown below if you would like to print the form directly from this website.

You are free to either mail us the completed registration form to the address given on the form along with a check made out to 24hundred


You can scan the form and email it as an attachment to 24hundredSAT@gmail.com and pay on the day of the class

Registration Form

To register for either course or both courses please print this form (if you have trouble printing this form, please email us directly and we will send you the form in a different format) and mail it along with a check made payable to 24hundred to the following address:

Jeff Shoaf

1165 Brattleboro Arch

Virginia Beach, VA 23464
Name of student: _______________________________________________________________
Contact Telephone Number: _______________________________________________________
Contact E-mail address: __________________________________________________________
Current School: _______________________________________________________________
Grade of student (Please circle):         Sophomore                  Junior                   Senior
Current Math course student is taking: ______________________________________________
Current English course student is taking: ____________________________________________
Target score for each section (out of 800):
Math _________       Evidence-Based Reading and Writing ___________
Previous SAT score (if applicable)
Math _________        Evidence-Based Reading and Writing ___________
PSAT score (if applicable): _______________
Course you would like your student to attend (Circle all that apply):
                                             Master the SAT                                Beat the SAT
                                                    $350                                                 $90
Date of course you would like your student to attend: ______________________________
Location of the class you would like your student to attend (Circle location):
Cox High School                  Norfolk Christian High School 
Payment enclosed with form (circle one):                  YES                             NO
***No extra charge for Beat the SAT session if student registers for the "Master the SAT" course***

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